Talking about sex

If you are experiencing sex problems or a history of sexual issues such as abuse, it can  make you feel very alone and helpless. Shame, fear and embarrassment are other common emotions felt by people living with sexual issues, and many will suffer for months, even years in silence – too afraid to discuss their concerns with anyone.

Sex problems are very common, and can occur for a number of reasons. In the majority of cases they are linked to other challenges and difficulties. For example, when you are feeling stressed and have a lot on your mind, you don’t often feel like having sex or being intimate. This knock-on effect is usually mild and temporary and will soon dissipate, but if a sexual problem is more severe and complex, it can have stronger and longer-term effects on your sexuality, your relationships and way of life.

Seeking help as soon as possible is vital for ensuring your sex problems do not have far reaching consequences and although it may seem daunting opening up about intimate and somewhat embarrassing details, talking to a counsellor who offers a safe place to explore your sexuality can be an enlightening experience.

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