Online Counselling

We offer a professional counseling and psychotherapy service online (web conferencing, chat/instant) based on your needs. We provide these  services through easy to use professional secure tools* that enable confidentiality and safety online (all you need is a smartphone or a computer with an Internet connection and a webcam if video is required).

If you are unsure about whether online therapy will work for you we offer a free 20 minute trial  without obligation for you to try working onlineIf you have any questions or wish to book an online appointment email me at or leave a message for here. Alternatively please call us on 01344 723151.

What are the benefits of Online Therapy?

  • Convenience where you cannot travel due to personal circumstances
  • Feeling of safety in your own environment where meeting face to face maybe more difficult. Some people find that difficult conversations are easier online
  • You can record of session transcripts and audio/video for later reflection (these recordings are optional and securely provided)
  • There is something distinct in developing a relationship of support with someone online that is somehow different to face to face therapy. I do not see online therapy being worse than face to face but actually maybe  enhanced.
  • Flexibility in selecting the right medium for therapy and mix them as needed e.g. starting with instant messaging, then face to face, with email communication in between
  • Email therapy either on its own or between sessions supports your own development and solutions at time of your convenience

How would we work together?

I work with clients online in the way that you, the client, prefer:

either  via Secure Online/Video Web Conferencing.Each session is 50 minutes. You need to be on Internet connection for this. We use a secure “version” (if needed) rather than Skype which provides a higher level of confidentiality and safety.

or Instant Messaging. via Secure Instant Messaging service. Each session is 50 minutes. You need to be on Internet connection for this. We use a secure “version” rather than Skype which provides a higher level of confidentiality and safety.

or  we can email.  We usually suggest that you write for around 50 minutes as many times as you wish during the week. Then I usually schedule a particular counselling “session” time to answer your email each week. You will always know when you get a reply back. If we work via email we’ll either choose to do this via a secure email system or we’ll use encrypted files. We can talk about this if you choose this route.

We’re really happy to work in the way that you find easiest and most helpful. Please let me know which way of working would work for you.  If once we have started you think you’d be more comfortable working in a different way we can easily change e.g. going from Instant Messaging, to Email then to Web Conferencing or even face to face as appropriate.

If you have any questions please contact us on 01344 723151 and I will answer your questions personally, or if you are ready, we can arrange the first session. Alternatively, email me at or leave a message for me here.

* Secure tools are professionally provided to the medical industry and are designed to protect information stored on your computer so that others cannot access it, scrambling of information (called encryption) so that if information is intercepted it cannot be unscrambled. Authentication to ensure that only the client and the therapist are communicating. I also recommend you find a comfortable quiet place while undertaking therapy online  to protect your privacy. I do not recommend Skype as it does not provide that level of security although we could agree to use it if you choose.