If you have any questions prior to session please email or phone to talk to one of our therapists for free.

Session costs

£45 (Individuals)
£55 (Couples)
£50 (Hypnotherapy)
£55 (EMDR)
£40 (Group 2 hours)
£60 & £80 EMDR (POA) Insurance/EAPs

We accept most workplace EAP/Private referrals such as BUPA & WPO.

For same day crisis appointments (non life threatening) we are able to offer appointments 7 days a week including Saturday and Sunday as long as the request is made before 2pm ( POA )

Call us on 01344 723151 or Email: to speak directly to one of our therapists or for an appointment.

In terms of number of sessions, for some issues you could see improvement within a few session while more complex matters may take longer to resolve. At the onset we can identify the method and work required so you can judge how long you need. We will review progress regularly, but it’s up to you.