Walk & Talk Therapy

We would love to work outdoors with you if you wish. The outdoors can also be ideal if you have a fear of enclosed spaces or feel trepidation of our first meeting. We are ideally positioned to be able to do this as we are located in a large private campus with benches to sit, fields, stone paths, steps, gardens and routes aplenty, even an old telescope if we can find it! Imagine talking about your concerns within a large garden.. or in and around the large and varied campus fields.. either totally away from people.. or within reach.. walking and talking at your own pace.. perhaps down some steps.. sitting on a bench, talking and pausing to watching the field from the distance.. breathing the refreshing air.. being at ease and more relaxed.

Where appropriate we like to work in a way that fits in with what the client wants… Any time we can go outside or even have all therapy in the park and gardens, discrete and open. We don’t need to be indoors, we want our clients to choose how they want their therapy in the way they want.. no stuffy rules here… This is for anyone anytime they feel they need it. We want therapy to be accessible to anyone so that if clients feel anxiety or fear of the therapeutic encounter, being indoors, a phobia, agoraphobia or just because its the right time… therapy does not have to be limited to outdated stereotypes.. we want to empower our clients they way they would like to do things not the way we would.. sit, walk around in our room, move the chairs around or go outside – up to you!