Stopping Coronavirus Anxiety Spiral

Overloading on information about coronavirus can make you particularly anxious, especially if you’re overly focused and stuck in loop of checking media. But you can take steps to mitigate this anxiety, while being action focused in keeping yourself and others safe. This will make the time more bearable as well as boosting your immune system through self-care.

If you have any further ideas for anxiety reduction would love to hear about them in comments below.

Future Focusing

This is a technique where you focus on a future time. We humans have overcome far worse situations and pandemics before which we look back on now. There is uncertainty but we are overall highly resilient. You can imagine in yourself and loved ones in the future looking back in a few months or a year from now.

Step away from information overload

Limit consumption of information about coronavirus. Balance between being informed and putting things into action and consumption paralysis that drives anxiety. Once or twice a day checking is what most people need, set a time and that’s all. Instead focus on activies that boost immunity, such as social engagement, humour and laughter. If you cannot avoid information put the phone down, take yourself off social media, and any misinformation and speculative conspiracy theories. Step away from the information overload.

Structure time

If your isolating look to do the tasks you always wanted to do, catchup on exercise, jobs around the house, cooking, online game with friends, reading or whatever you enjoy. Keep in touch with your loved ones and connect with others and if worried talk about it and reassure your family, friends or anyone in need.

Focus on relaxation techniques

Find a relaxation video on youtube, practice mindfulness or simply hold your stomach with your hand and observe your breathing for 10 seconds. With a relaxed mind anxiety simply dissapates.

Here’s one I made earlier ( there are many others )


Journal to get some of the ruminating thoughts and feelings out from the mind, this can help, be it writing things down or recording into a phone. Making mental space can help one to process and contain the anxiety of isolation.

Reach out for help

If your struggling with overcoming anxiety, this could also be a time to reach out for therapy over the internet or phone to our therapists.

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