Success in Therapy

Out in July 2019: Success in Therapy.

Very excited to announce that after three years of work I’m finally getting there ready to release this first of type book about how to achieve your version of success in therapy.

If you are considering the possibility of counselling or psychotherapy, or if you have already begun the process, and would like to ensure you get through therapy successfully and make the most of the experience, then this is the book for you.

This books central philosophy is based on therapy coaching, just like coaching someone to get better at swimming they will be able to improve and achieve their goals, similarly coaching you how to improve your use of therapy, you will be able to achieve your therapeutic goals.

You will learn to:
 Use therapy effectively, efficiently and safely
 Overcome obstacles and strengthen your process
 Identify areas you can explore therapeutically
 Feel confident you’re on the right path
 For therapists: Reflect on the collective voice of the client




Beta Readers comments on the book so far:

“The material was very easy to understand, and one would not need to be educated to get the most out of what you wrote.”

“Your are a wonderful and talented author.  Excellent job Mamood!”

“Finally a book that demystifies the whole process of therapy”

“Nothing like it out there. An original for sure”

“I found what you wrote interesting and would be very helpful to someone seeking therapy as well as those already in therapy. It did not feel like a chore to read but rather helpful.”

“I believe your book will be very successful. A book such as yours is needed as so many seek therapy or are in treatment.  Your book can help many, including therapists.”

“Very well written book”





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