Does sex addiction exist?

Sexual addiction is where any sexual activity becomes out of control. Many “experts” disagree on whether sex addiction actually exists. We could read the research, case studies and make conclusions but that is really not the point.

The point is if the sex activity is feeling out of control, compulsive and impacts an individuals normal life then its a problem regardless of what the “experts” think, you’re the expert no one else. If the activity is detrimental to your life, relationships, work friendships and what you want in life then it is a problem to the individual. We need to look beyond the labels, where someone is suffering and lost control, the person would like change that is what is important to the individual not the debate about whether the addiction exists or not. Therapy provides the process by which recovery can occur through becoming aware of your thoughts, needs, feelings and behaviours and make the changes in life. We have experience of working with relationships, sexual issues and wellbeing, but that does not shadow the fact that working with the whole person is the key to recovery not the label.

The statistics show this is a problem for people both male (91%) and female (9%) mainly betwee the age of 26-35. The inclusion of sex addiction is being considered and is likely to be incorporated into classification of mental health diagnosis in the coming years.

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