Miscarriage and the silent grief

There’s little acknowledgment in the west of the silent grief of miscarriage. For example, there is no particular ritual or group ritual assigned. Many say after the miscarriage that they walk around in a cloudy mist and not knowing what to do with their sadness. Normal day to day activity can feel isolating and mechanical. Grief is love without anywhere to go and without a understood personhood to attach to miscarriage could find one less destination.

At Paththerapy we believe in providing a safe place to explore the meaning of grief. We understand how difficult the pain of these experiences can be, and we honour the process of acknowledging these effects of grief and believe in the right counselling relationship people can find some soothing and healing. Just as each person will react to a traumatic event differently, each person will grieve according to his or her own methods and own time.

Grief is a brew of emotions,  memories, people, love, anger, guilt and even emptiness. The brew cannot be rushed as the missed person cannot be ignored.


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