Kindle Book: How to Find a Therapist

We are pleased to announce details of our short book “How to Find a Therapist“. Available to download from Amazon.

How to Find a Therapist:

Surprisingly, much of the publicly available information to clients on therapist selection (Counselling / Psychotherapy) focuses on areas such as their specialism, experience, gut feeling, type of therapy, training, and qualifications but not really what to look for in the person. In this short book, I’ll be talking both as a psychotherapist and as a client who has experienced therapy (counselling/psychotherapy) over many years, in what I believe makes a good therapist, and so to help clients in their selection and feelings towards the therapist. I have seen many clients and been a client myself and in those experiences, I’ve found out what I believe clients need to look for. I have now realised why it’s so common for people to struggle to find the right therapist for them and as I’ll explain, there are many more important things to consider than basic factors such as experience and qualifications. I hope this book helps you along your psychological adventure.

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