I was Raped..do you get it!!

I was Assaulted & Raped…do you get it!!!

Many people who go through traumatic events may find that it can take some time to readjust after the event. For some, there are severe effects in the immediate aftershock of an assault that may or may not last. For others, the effects of sexual assault and rape come in waves and are not felt until the shock of the incident wears off. With time spent healing, developing strong positive coping skills and taking care of oneself, such reactions tend to become less severe.

After a traumatic experience such as a rape or an assault, it is common for a survivor to feel shaken or unlike him or herself. It is a complex form of trauma that breaches the physical, mental and spiritual trust of a person against their will. This can affect a person’s mentality and well-being.

Below are some of the common mental effects of sexual assault and rape:


* Depression

* Dissociation

It is common for a survivor of sexual violence to experience an array of feelings that may be confusing and can create more anxiety, such as anger, distrust and feeling unsafe. It is also common to experience these feelings if you know someone who has experienced an assault or rape.

There is no “correct” way to react to these experiences, and each person who experiences a traumatic event responds differently. The important thing is to be patient. Know that if you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is not your fault and you are not alone.

The experience of losing control and feeling like every aspect of life has been violated is common.  With the safety, security and trust that have been violated feelings of hopelessness can emerge. A survivor may develop a negative perspective in which he or she may feel “damaged” or unworthy of a better life. Know that these feelings are not uncommon for survivors of sexual assault, and the reason you are experiencing any of them is not your fault. The healing process takes time.

At Paththerapy we believe in empowering survivors of sexual assault and rape. We understand how difficult the pain of these experiences can be, and we honour the process of acknowledging these effects and believe in the right counselling relationship people can find some soothing and healing. “Just as each person will react to a traumatic event differently, each person will heal according to his or her own methods and own time. “

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