Can men be abused?

Male sexual abuse is any unwanted or non consensual sexual act performed against a man or boy at any time in his life. On top of the psychological and physical harm many men feel that they cannot reach out for help for fear and shame of the stigma associated with male stereotypes. However, it can happen to anyone.  It could have happened while you were a child or teenager, or as an adult. Seeking therapy may seem like a daunting task however a therapist will work with you compassionately, confidentially and without judgement to support the healing process.

The truth is that over a million sexual assaults against adult men.  Over 1,000 men report being raped to the police every year and the police and government admit this is likely to be less than 10% of the real number. Survivors of male sexual abuse and rape can often be left with confusion, unanswered questions which can devastate lives including experiences of anxiety, depression, PTSD and flashbacks that relive experiences.

We offer a range of support services including counselling and therapy (such as EMDR trauma therapy) as well as anonymous web and chat. All services are provided by male registered professionals (UKCP or BACP) with experience in the field of male sexual violence and abuse.

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