Empowering Your Therapy

Your role in therapy is really important, so much so that that research validates that you play the biggest part in how well therapy works*. The good news is that this means you can take an active role in your growth and healing process. But how do you make the most out of your therapy? This is the question the "Empowering Your Therapy" series of books has been created to address in a concise, comprehensive and practical manner.
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Beginning therapy

Essential skills



*Bohard & tallman, 1999 (40-60%). As well as the competence of the therapist to provide a firm foundation to the work.

The series the following areas:

  1. What you may want to work on in therapy (Book: 40 Ways to Unlock Your Therapy Process)
  2. Questions, concerns and dilemmas in therapy (Book: Everything you wanted to know about therapy)
  3. How to get the best start in therapy (Book: Getting the best start in therapy)
  4. Learn the live skills that have been known to make therapy work (Essential Skills for Your Therapy)
  5. Demonstration of what drives change and what happens as change occurs (Inner Workings of your therapy process)

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