What to expect at your first session

Empowering Your Therapy

Therapists tend to have different approaches to assessment for the first session. The session may be totally open ended, with no or only a few questions are asked, and you just talk as you wish about what is going on. Alternatively the assessment may be more prescriptive, where you’re asked a list of questions which they complete in front of you, or even ask you to complete a questionnaire before or during the session.

Unless you are there with a therapist who is skilled in diagnosis, and that is what you want, therapists won’t diagnose you.  Diagnosis can only be carried out if they are qualified to do so, typically the field of psychiatry and clinical psychologists, and would likely to be over an extended time or a number of hours or sessions. Either way, as a minimum they will want to understand why you are seeking therapy, any symptoms…

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